More Stars Than

… you ever did see.

About Me!

My new year’s resolutions: a book a week (read & reviewed), a polaroid film a month and at least 10 cinema dates with my husbthing. So that’s why I’m here, to become better at reading and writing about things I love; or, incidentally, don’t love.

More Stars Than is a play on the phrase I keep repeating “I saw more stars that night than I’ve ever seen put together” on our time in New Zealand.

A bit about me: Lover of wine, travel, ya fiction, tattoos, indie music, running, team starkid. I work in a call centre for a bank, volunteer for Serendipity & am the Club Secretary for @LeicesterFenceC .

I like adventures with my husbthing, we blog together about those on zombitetwizzles below are a few of the places we’ve been together.

2013 – Poland & Ukraine | 2014 – Portugal & Paris | 2015 – New Zealand & Dublin | 2016 (plans) – Oslo, Budapest & Finland | 2017 (plans)- France Western Front

You can find me on the web in the following cool places: twitter | instagram | goodreads | flickr | foursquare | fitbit | tripadvisor.

Professional Reader


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