Have you ever just picked up a book and known you had to read it? Even not knowing what it’s about? That’s what happened to me with this book, so thank you again Netgalley!

My husbthing often describes a book’s ease relating to rowing up a river, on a scale of 1 to treacle this was a solid calm few hours, easy to get through and very much making you to want more and more. It’s hard to say more about this book, it was very enjoyable and I just ate it up. As you may notice by the braille spots on the cover, Not if I See You First is about a teen who’s blind. Not blind from birth but due to a freak accident, she reminds me a lot of a couple of my friends who are blind, oft described as two of the least disabled disabled people ever, nothing phases her at all. It’s nice to see a book about a disability that isn’t about disability, it’s becoming so much more an incidental part of the plot than the the point of the story.

Parker Grant is the star of the show, she doesn’t take crap from anyone, can run like a lion is behind her and is quite put together. Well, that’s what she’s trying for but internally is suffering from the loss of her father. She’s got everything going on that all teens do, throw in an ex-boyfriend with baggage, the hot new guy and a girl who ends up being her running buddy who clearly has something going for that ex. Add on top the tragedy she’s still reeling from and living with a family that just don’t get you it’s every teen’s nightmare. Having a star chart for days you don’t cry isn’t healthy but it takes more to get over something like a parent’s death than not crying. But she’s got a trio of great friends, both new and old to help her though. It’s all handled with as much aplomb as any author should and you fall in love with all the characters as soon as they turn up on the page. I’m glad it ended the way it did, the plot couldn’t been drawn out more but it really didn’t need to be.

This review is pants, sorry. Just go read the book, it was awesome! B+