Graphic Novel time! Not just one but five full colour space-age stories based on classic fairy tales, it’s out on Friday!

First up: Ninja-rella by Joey Comeau illustrated by Omar Lozano.
Ninja-rella immediately reminded me a lot of Rey from the new Star Wars film, this is 100% not a bad thing! And Fairy Godninja is exactly what any kid would want for a tiny flying helper. The plot follows the original tale quite closely so you don’t need telling about that but know that added ninja was a fantastic idea.
The art is beautiful, very clean lines and cartoony without being overly fake-people looking.

Second: Red Riding hood, Superhero written & illustrated by Otis Frampton.
I’m in looove with the onomatopoeia used in this story, a lot of comics have whoosh etc but using “Rumble, Gurgle” to imply a tummy ache caused by laser eyes is just genius. And let’s be honest, Red Riding Hood as a super here is a damn sight more exciting than a girl getting eaten by her grandmother.

Thirdly: Super Billy Goats Gruff by Sean Tulien; illustrated by Fernandó Cano.
Favourite line: “Big Gruff was not a smart goat. He was, in fact, a very dumb goat. He would eat just about anything.” That serves as a warning to you all, never eat something that looks like it’s straight out of Super Mario Bros. The art in this is pastel-y and cute, the three goats embark on a quest for food and all is resolved in the end. With a boss fight to end all boss fights, of course.

Fourth: Snow White & the Seven Robots by Louise Simonson; illustrated by Jimena Sánchez.
Of course the mirror is a satellite, Hal9000 would be proud. Doc is her BFF not one of the 7 dwarf robots, they don’t appear to have names but overall a cute little retelling. The art is cutesy and the plot more similar than any of the others really. Though genetically engineered aline Snow White is a little far fetched it certainly fits with the exile she’s sent into.

Finally: Hansel & Gretel & Zombies by Benjamin Harper; illustrated by Fernandó Cano.
Hansel & Gretel ARE zombies and they’re hungry, so they get made up to look alive, that’s really all you need to know. It was great, I love zombie stories and how needs to burn a witch to ashes when you can just turn her into zombie like you? The art in this really makes it, Gretel has her brain exposed through the back of her head!

Overall this is a great collection of updated fairy tales that any kid would enjoy as a week’s worth of bedtime stories. I especially enjoy the short explanation of the original tales after each story, gives a nice background for those who may not know that the . These comics have really made me want to check out Charles Perrault’s versions of the stories as I’m only really familiar with the Brothers’ Grimm versions (& by extension the Philip Pullman copy on my shelf).