This book is exactly what every busy person needs. It’s got a little bit of everything you need to have a nutritious day; from breakfast, through lunch even to the pub in the evening.  Along with some handy tips at the start describing what types of food we are actually eating and what they mean.

Following on each section has a page into to it and there comes the recipes; but not really recipes you’re not instructed on how to make croissants or salmon nigri but more usefully there’s nutritional info on popular quick fixes for every meal. Additionally on each page where you’d expect the method in a traditional cook book there is in depth reasoning behind why each food is good and what help it can give you to be a healthier person.

As well there is also useful and thought out extras spotted around, did you know brown rice is high in magnesium or that skipping breakfast can make you chemically more likely to eat more at lunch & dinner?

Overall what else can you say about a nutritional guidebook? It definitely makes me want to get better about what I take to work for lunch as well as making em think more about what I put into my body in general. If you’re the sort of person to be sat at your desk with a Pot Noodle this is for you.